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0-6 Months: Growth and Development

Getting to Know Each Other

Communicating With Your Child

Communicating With Your Child

Talking, reading, and singing together builds your relationship and helps your baby learn to communicate and think. He won’t understand it yet, but you are setting the stage for school and life success.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Talk to him about what you see him doing, what you are doing, and what you are doing together: “I see you smiling.” “Oh, you just picked up the rattle!” “We are at the store! I’m putting three of these red apples in the bag. They look delicious.”
  • Read to him. It is never too early to begin. The more you read together, the more words he will hear. He will learn to enjoy books because he will enjoy your time together. He will be a book “looker” and “chewer” and an “opener and closer.” It’s all part of becoming a reader.
  • Do a little something unexpected! By about three months, you will see the hints of a growing a sense of humor. Make a funny face or sound and watch him smile and laugh!
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Did you know

You don’t need to really read at this age; just turn pages and point out something in the pictures. The story isn’t important; the time together is!