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0-6 Months: Growth and Development

Getting to Know Each Other

Protecting Your Child

Protecting Your Child

When you keep your baby safe, you show him you will protect him. This builds his trust in you, in himself and in the world around him.

Here are some things you can do to keep him safe:

  • Practice safe sleep habits. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends putting your baby to sleep alone, on his back, in a safe crib with a firm mattress without pillows, blankets or toys. A baby sleeping sack will keep him cozy and warm.
  • Use a safe car seat. Always use a rear-facing infant car seat that is properly installed in the middle back seat of your car. There are places in your community, like the police department, where you can have a car seat installed and checked for you.
  • Keep your eyes and a hand on your baby at all times when he is on the changing table, your bed or any other high surface. He can roll over when you least expect it.
  • Baby Proof. Look around your home, for things that might be harmful to your baby. Remove small, sharp, or other dangerous objects from reach, and use baby-proofing tools, like gates and locks, to keep your baby away from doors, stairways, toilets, and other spaces where your baby could fall or pinch fingers.
  • NEVER allow anyone to shake, roughly handle or hit your baby. Not at any time, for any reason. As a parent, chances are you aren’t getting enough sleep, and you may not be as patient as usual. Keep track of your own stress level and that of anyone else who might be caring for your baby. If you feel you might hurt your baby at any time, put the baby in the crib and call the New York State Parent Connection Helpline at 800-CHILDREN.

Useful Resources:

Confidential Support Helpline

New York State Parent Connection Helpline provides free, confidential support for parents and caregivers experiencing stress.


Safe Sleep Environments for Baby

Local Monroe County Coalition staff a toll-free warmline for more information & support.

Car Seat Installation & Inspection

Learn how to install a car seat or find a car seat inspection station visit:

Your local police of sheriff’s department can usually help find an inspection station too.

Baby Proofing Your Home

Find lots of information on baby proofing your home. Look for the “Safety” button.

additional resources My E-Journal

Did you know

A paper towel tube roll test can help you reduce the chance of your child choking. If you can pass a toy or object through the tube, a baby can choke on it. So put it out of reach and keep it out of your baby’s hands.

Did you know

Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) is a serious and sometimes fatal injury that can happen when a baby or young child is violently shaken. Babies’ brains are fragile and their necks are not very strong. When a baby is shaken, his brain slams against the inside of his skull and it can be damaged forever. For more information see National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome.