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Questions to Ask Yourself While You Journal

Important Questions to Ask Yourself While You Journal

Its always good to have some "food for thought" to provide inspiration, insight and guidance as you journal. Below are some questions you should be asking yourself as you and your child develop:

Prenatal: Baby on the Way

  • Who will my child look like?
  • What do I want for my child?
  • How do I breastfeed my infant?
  • Why am I so happy?

0-6 Months: Getting to Know Each Other

  • Do babies eye's grow or will they always be this size?
  • Can my baby be too hot or too cold? How do I know?
  • Do other mothers watch their infant sleep? (yes.)

6-12 Months: On the Move!

  • Have I baby-proofed the apartment?
  • Does my child look like my parents?
  • I love my baby's smile.
  • There is something new every day.

12-24 Months: You and Your Wonderful One-Year-Old

  • We make music with Kitchen utensils.
  • Walking & talking, Oh MY!
  • When is it okay to take her to church?
  • It is hard to leave him with a babysitter.

24-36 Months: You and Your Terrific Two-Year-Old

  • Letting her pick her clothes is fun.
  • He sings songs he's heard on the radio.
  • How do I know he's eaten enough?
  • Thinking about preschool?!

36-48 Months: You and Your Thriving Three-Year-Old

  • How much mud is too much mud?
  • We notice spider webs, little flowers in sidewalks and birds in flight.
  • Sharing on the playground & meeting other moms.
  • Are we ready for pre-kindergarten?

48-60 Months: You and Your Fabulous Four-Year-Old

  • Questions about owls, frogs and squirrels. Endless questions...
  • My child is making friends at school.
  • We picked out our favorite books for a friend's baby.