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Nurturing Your Family

Building Strong Families: Protective Factors

Concrete Support in Times of Need

A Protective Factor for Building a Strong Family: Concrete Support

Every parent needs support and help. Parenting can be challenging. It is rewarding yes, but also tiring and demanding. Meeting the needs of your baby while dealing with everyday basics like cooking, cleaning, going to school, working, and balancing a budget can be overwhelming.

You will need help, and knowing where to find help and advice can help you keep you and your family from getting too stressed out. In Social Connections you thought about your informal circle of support including friends, family, neighbors and child care provider.

Now it is time to expand that circle to include people and organizations you can turn to for concrete, specific information, supports or services that you or a friend may need.

  • How can you learn about support available in your community?
  • Is there an organization or person you trust who can link you to others?
  • What can you do if you hit a “road block” as you look for information or services? In what ways could knowing about, and being comfortable asking for concrete resources and services help you better guide your baby?
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One Mom's Advice

“If someone can’t help me, I ask them who can. I keep calling anyone and everyone until I hook up with someone who can help me find what my family and I might need. I keep a list of the names and numbers of everyone I talk with. Who knows when I might need to call them again?”