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Building Strong Families: Protective Factors

Social Connections: Finding Your Circle of Support

Building a Protective Factor: Social Connections—Finding Your Circle of Support

Let’s explore our Protective Factor: Social Connections—Finding Your Circle of Support

Take some time now to think about who are the supports you have in your life that you will draw on during your journey as a parent.

  • Who can you go to for good advice?
  • Who can you call just to talk?
  • Who can share the parenting responsibilities with you so that you have some time for yourself?
  • Where else might you find “someone” you can count on?
  • Who counts on you as a source of support?
  • How does being there for another feel to you?
  • How does having a circle of support help you guide your child?

Finding Support in Your Community

If you feel like you don’t have enough support, look around your community for a parenting group or family resource center. Public libraries and faith organizations can often help you find groups. Local parks are also a great place to meet other parents and online parent groups are a great way to find support.

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Did you know

Research finds that when mothers have emotional support, they are less likely to experience stress and more likely to demonstrate confidence, to be well adjusted and to employ effective discipline strategies. (BANDY, T., ET. AL, 2012)