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Prenatal: Growth and Development

Baby On the Way

Nurturing Your Child

Nurturing Your Child

Nurturing is about the loving, caring, trusting relationship (attachment) between you and your baby. It is a relationship that will exist your whole lives, wherever you both may be.

This special connection begins to develop as you:

  • Take a walk down memory lane. Think back to your childhood and the people who raised you. Are there things you want to do the same? If so, what are they? Are there things you want to avoid or do very differently? What are they? What do you want to do instead?
  • Picture special moments you hope to share together. Baby’s first smile, steps and words. Snuggling and reading a book together. Baby’s first birthday. We invite you to jot down some thoughts below to share with your baby one day.
  • Invite family and friends to help prepare for your baby’s arrival. Their relationship with your baby will grow as they go with you to an appointment, help set up your baby’s crib or add a book to baby’s library.
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Did you know

Early experience is not fate. If you weren’t parented well, you can change the pattern and be the loving, sensitive parent you want to be. The most important factor when it comes to the relationship you have with your child is how well you’ve made sense of your experiences with your own parents.