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NYS Parent Guide

0-6 Months: Growth and Development

Getting to Know Each Other

Guiding Your Child

Guiding Your Child

When you guide her, you tell her: “I am helping you to begin to make sense of your world.”

Here are some things you can do to help guide your child:

  • Start early to build daily routines around eating, sleeping, dressing and bathing. They help your baby to begin to know what comes next.
  • Hold her often. The sound of your breathing and heartbeat are calming.
  • Pay attention to what she is telling you with her behavior as you play. Is your baby looking at you, kicking her feet, or making sounds? She may be telling you she is ready to play. Is she looking away and fussing? It is her way of telling you: “playtime is over for now.”

Useful Resources:

Confidential Support Helpline

New York State Parent Connection Helpline provides free, confidential support for parents and caregivers experiencing stress.

9AM–10PM / 7 DAYS

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