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NYS Parent Guide

0-6 Months: Growth and Development

Getting to Know Each Other

Supporting Learning and Curiosity

Supporting Learning and Curiosity

What better way to start your baby on a lifetime of learning than to be her learning partner?

Here are some things you can do:

  • Give her lots of time to touch, squeeze, shake, grasp, chew and throw safe objects and objects with different textures. Different textures help her learn. Putting things in her mouth is her way of exploring and learning about them. It’s up to you to be sure there are only safe and clean items within her reach.
  • Help your baby learn that she can make things happen. If she drops an object on the floor, pick it up and give it back. She is learning: “I can cause this to happen!” Get ready because chances are she will drop it again—and again.
  • Enjoy games together. Patty-cake teaches your baby about imitating and her name. Gently counting and kissing her tiny fingers and toes not only teaches your baby about the parts of her body, it sends the message that together you have fun!
  • Share your baby’s delight in any new discovery. Talk about what she is doing. Smile. Tell her: “You seem to like the way that teddy bear feels.”
  • Give your baby safe floor time. At first, lay her down on a soft blanket on her tummy for just a few moments. Stay right there and pick her up when she starts to fuss. Try it 2 or 3 times a day. As she gets stronger your baby will begin to lift her head and roll over.
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Did you know

Kitchen items such as a soft spatula, plastic cups and containers to nest are some of the best toys for a baby, once she can hold things purposely with her hands.