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Dental Care For Infants and Toddlers

Oral Health Guidelines by Age - NYSDOH

Babies are born with their primary (first) set of teeth formed underneath the gums. These teeth do not usually start to come into the mouth until the child is six to eight months old. By age three, all 20 primary teeth should be in the mouth. A child's primary (first) set of teeth is very important. These teeth help a child eat and speak. They hold space for the permanent teeth.

Around the age of six, a child's mouth will begin to grow to make space for the permanent teeth. Each baby tooth will be replaced by a permanent tooth. The permanent teeth begin to come into the mouth between the age of five and six and will continue to about age twenty one.

It is important for children to develop good oral health habits at an early age. Practicing healthy habits can prevent or reduce tooth decay (cavities) in infants and children

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American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

Provides the latest information and data on children’s dental and oral healthcare and tips on the care of children’s teeth from infancy. Answers to specific issues are also available.

New York State Dental Association

Search for a pediatric dentist in your area by typing in your zip code, how many miles you can travel, choose “pediatric” under specialty and hit the submit button. It does not provide insurance information, so you need to call to verify before your appointment.