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NYS Parent Guide



New York State Office of Children & Family Services



Go to the “Prevention” tab and click on “Keeping Children Safe” including coping tips and information about shaken baby syndrome.

New York State Department of Health–Bureau of Injury Prevention


Search for “Child Injury Prevention” to find safety fact sheets for children from birth to 19 years and toolkits on several topics including shaken baby syndrome.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

An excellent list of safety concerns, both in and out of the home, visit the website and look for “Safety in the Home and Community” sections by age group.

National Safety Council

Key safety tips can be found at the “At Home & In the Community” page.

Kids Health

Find information on baby proofing your home and other safety tips. Look for the “First Aid and Safety” section.

National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome

Offers awareness programs to prevent infant abuse such as the Period of PURPLE Crying by helping parents understand the frustrating features of crying in normal infants.